Bullying in Puerto Rico

PowerPoint Presentation Title: Author: Dra. Marissa Medina Piña
Acoso Escolar

This presentation shows us information on in bullying in rich port. It shows the different characteristics and behaviors of the bullies and of the victims. In rich port more than 3.2 million annually are victims of bullies. The majorities of the bullies are men’s and tend to have major physical force, are impulsive, frustrate easily and are dominant. In the long term of the bullies to continue this way according to studies can manage to be delinquents, users of drugs and to drink. The victims of the bullies usually are weak, insecure and shy. These victims are in the habit of suffering from depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. The victims see neither any sure site nor the school because of it stay away to the school. But the reality is that every child has right to being respected and treating well by his companions of school and main.

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Reference Medina, M. (2010). El acoso escolar o "Bullying": Estrategias de intervención [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from http://www.slideshare.net/yineisa/acoso-escolar-2981930

Video Title: Author: Jonah Mowry


This video treats on a victim of bullying that you show since he feels as victim. In the video in child he proves to be a few index cards where he wrote since one feels and what has happened in the school and shows it to the chamber. While the child is happening we see that he feels depressed and fearfully. It shows what the bullies were saying to him, since it is he was feeling and even it had tried to commit suicide from very small. The child did not want to be present at the school for fear of the bullies. He feels as if the whole world hated it and does not know because. But the child decides not to be left to win for his aggressors and to be strong and to go out ahead.

Whats goin on... [video file] Retrive from http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=TdkNn3Ei-Lg

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